About Ramon Polo

About Ramon Polo

Ramon Polo was born April 8, 1989 in Gijon, Asturias, Spain.  He is married to his exotic Fijian wife, Salendra Polo.  He is the youngest of 3 children.  As a child he was from a very loving and kind family.  His father, Ramon Polo Sr. is an owner and entrepreneur who worked at the age of 16 years old in a plastic factory.  Who now owns the factory and has created other businesses to become the brilliant man that he is. He is a good father to his 3 children and a wonderful husband to his wife of 33 years.

Ramon was very fortunate to be able to play sports at a very young age.  At the age of 5 he was learning Judo.  From the age of 6-8 he was in Taijutsu.  At the age of 8-12 he played soccer and was one of the best on the team.  At the age of 11 he was playing both basketball and soccer.  His passion was basketball so that’s where he spent the rest of his young teenage life.  From the age of 11-21 Ramon has been playing basketball.  He was the best basketball player in the history of his province.  Everyone in his hometown knew him.  This 6 foot 6 young man created a name for himself in a very short time.  His basketball history includes the following:

  • Reedley College Basketball 2008-2010
  • Professional Basketball for Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain 2007-2008
  • Basketball for Grupo Covadonga, Spain 2004-2007
  • Basketball for Corazon de Maria, Gijon, Asturias, Spain 2000-2004

With being very active and smart both in basketball and academics, he also modeled for a Spanish commercial in Spain for Head n Shoulders at 18 years old, and he was also in a   Spanish lottery commercial.  With all these commercials happening for him a well known hairstyles in Spain asked him to be his model for some hair pictures

he wanted to display in his studio and Ramon was his favorite model.  Ramon was easy to work with and had the best hair and facial bones to make an amazing and eye catching photo to bring customers in.

This 6 foot 6, well dressed, athletic man has created positive energy in all his modeling and  acting shoots.  He is stable, friendly, someone that carries themselves with confidence at all times and is time conscious.  He hosts events for real estate agents to attract more people to come in to their open houses.  He hosted an event for Nuclear Cardio Imaging, Inc. and created more than enough business for this metabolic imaging company.

When you hear Ramon’s voice it’s like…hey watch out Antonio Banderas, there is a new Puss n Boots in town!  Who said only Antonio can be suave…..Ramon Polo is and will be the next Puss n Boots!

Please do not hesitate to contact him at 858 922 4995.  Yes, Ramon does live here in Fresno, CA.  You can SEE him anytime!  Check out his website at RamonPolo.net.



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